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[1995-02-21-ECW-TV] Raven and Tommy Dreamer


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  • 5 weeks later...

Last few minutes of a Steve Richards/Tommy Dreamer match. Dreamer was wearing wrestling trunks at this point. Raven ends up coming into the match and he and Stevie doubleteam Dreamer. Dreamer ducks a superkick and gets a quick pin. Raven is being held back by Stevie and the ref, even though Dreamer challenges him to a fight. Post-match, Dreamer asks Raven to go back to the WWF and tell them to kiss ECW's ass. ECW is the Polk High School to Tommy Dreamer's Al Bundy.

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  • 2 years later...

Dreamer's still trying to figure out his hardcore look in a post-suspenders world. I actually liked what we saw of the match, though Dreamer dropping a frying pan on Richards' groin while a few seconds later Richards is getting a count from the referee for using a chokehold is absurd. Raven, either through a ninja stealth technique or a slick editing job, magically appears behind Dreamer in the ring and holds him for a Stevie Kick. Richards goes for another one but Dreamer drops down, uppercuts Richards in the groin, and sunset flips him for the pin. Cute, well-done finish. Raven is "held back" by Richards and the referee afterward, like a baseball player who really wants to look like he's going to charge the mound without actually doing it.


Four touchdowns in a game = four tables broken in the Brian Lee match?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-02-21-ECW-TV] Raven and Tommy Dreamer
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Stevie Richards vs Tommy Dreamer - ECW Double Tables 1995

This is shockingly good. It consists of chair shots, eyepokes and ballshots, but I love that shit so I lapped it up with a spoon. The issue with these can be meandering brawling. That was not the issue here at all. It was efficient, slam bang get out match that I dig. Richards got a little heat Dreamer mounted his comeback. Dreamer wearing All Japan style tights (around his waist instead of hips) is funny I hear there is a Akira Taue vs Tommy Dreamer on tape. I am morbidly curious. Raven gets involved. Holds Dreamer for the Superkick. Stevie nails it, still cant get the job done. Goes for it one more time but Dreamer does a reverse dropdown and punches him square in the nuts! I popped huge! That was pretty genius. Shawn should have had that spot done to him. Or imagine Otis doing it now to Ziggler (we will see how that comment ages.). Raven does the whole hold me back hold me back thing but really isnt showing a lot of drive. Dreamer leads the Mutants in an ECW Chant because he not Francine was always the Head Cheerleader. ***1/2

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