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[1995-02-25-ECW-Return of the Funker] Raven and Tommy Dreamer


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Raven does another boring promo. Tommy Dreamer pleads with him to shut up and it doesn't work. The crowd turns on it too. Eventually, Stevie announces that he has brought the Broad Street Bullies back to ECW to take out Tommy Dreamer. Blah Blah Blah, Generation X, Society, barf. Dreamer goes after Raven and Raven doesn't even fight back while the lackeys keep coming after him and he keeps singlehandedly fighting them off. They finally brawl and they start teasing that there's something between these two that we don't know about.

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I didn't dislike this as much as you guys but it did go too long. Raven says nothing much of note and the Broad Street Bullies are pretty underwhelming, though I think partly by design since they were brought in by Richards. What's with all the 1993-era Philly indy guys showing up tonight? Stevie trying to superkick the stop sign and doing a bunny hop to sell it was the highlight of this. The Bullies looked awful and the brawl was rather tepid.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-02-25-ECW-Return of the Funker] Raven and Tommy Dreamer
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Raven's promo at the beginning was pretty standard Raven stuff if you his character you will like if you dont you wont. I do I happened to enjoy him waxing poetic and I love him telling Dreamer he would feel his pain. Always the best part of Raven. Richards is such a schmuck he gets two old jaybrones from the pre-Heyman days. I think the idea was Richards fucks up again and to put up one last obstacle before Raven vs Dreamer the singles match. The Bullies were the worst part of this. "Gen X" and "Society made you" was way too on the nose and you could tell it was a fed line by either Raven or Heyman. I bet it was something like this "Say Society Made Him and Bring Up Gen X". The Bullies being the MENSA members they are just repeated the same line over and over again because they didnt know how to fill in the bullets. The brawl was weak until Raven EXPLODED great leap onto the pig pile in the corner and a damn good plancha. I am getting excited to see Raven vs Dreamer even though Ive seen the matches and they arent very good.

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