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[1995-03-06-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels vs Davey Boy Smith


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Fun match, but pretty empty. There's no real sense of strategy, so while everything is high-energy and they cut a good pace, there's no real rhyme or reason behind anything. It's just a bunch of stuff, the best of which is Shawn applying a really awesome short-arm scissors and Davey Boy doing a Backlund-like powerlift to counter. But yeah, empty. There are two times Davey Boy starts selling a knee injury, which you'd think would create an opening for Shawn, but he never goes after it. You get all the big standard Michaels bumps without any real sense of psychology. Like I said, fun match, but Shawn is exposed as a guy who hasn't really grown all that much since Survivor Series '92 (he's just a flashier bumper now), and he's even more exposed when watching a yearbook alongside his international peers.


Side note: Vince and Cornette go together like oil and water on commentary. Cornette is too long-winded for Vince's tastes, and by the end of the match, Vince just starts talking over him to call the match.

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This is one of the first matches I really remember liking when I became a fan. Shawn's bumping is on another level here and I really liked Sid and Cornette here too. Cornette put over Sid as a monster being afraid of him and such. The match might not be great as it seemed the crowd wasn't into it much and finish kinda sucked, but I enjoyed it.

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They already seem to be teasing a Shawn/Sid split, with the announcers speculating on if Shawn can control him. I bet that was always the endgame, so maybe they just moved Shawn's face turn up a bit instead of deciding out of the blue the day after WM to do it. Shawn going after Smith's arm makes sense (and sold great by Cornette, who points out that the legs are stronger than the arms), but after Smith powers out it doesn't really go anywhere. Davey Boy busts out an impactante/Romero special, which is cool. Shawn has a few wrinkles here but is still weak on offense, and there are a number of openings and transitions that Davey Boy immediately cuts off, particularly after Sid catches Shawn flying to the floor. Shawn wins in refreshingly clean fashion.


What is with Vince constantly whining about Davey Boy being ROBBED? Cornette presses him on why exactly he was "robbed" at the Rumble and Vince just plugs the Coliseum Video release.

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Fun fun fun. Really enjoy watching these two.***1/2 Shawn at this point I would think would remind fans of Ziggler right now, just a guy that bumps with no substance, no reason. It's a really good throwaway match that you can do once in a while but at some point either you evolve into a main eventer or you get stuck in the midcard.


I'm mentioning Ziggler because I can imagine him vs the Bulldog here. The difference is Shawn evolved into a great main eventer, whereas I can see Dolph having this sort of match every week but not getting anywhere.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-06-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels vs Davey Boy Smith
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It's hard to tell if Shawn took a fistful of soma's or snorted a line before he worked this match. Maybe both? Going from him bumping vivaciously around the ring to slapping on sleep-inducing chinlocks in control segments that we're way too fucking long made this a rollercoaster of a match. This would've worked better as a sub-ten minute sprint where Shawn isn't left to his own devices.


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