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[1995-03-07-ECW-TV] Interview: Terry Funk & The Sandman


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Terry Funk tears into Dewey and Collette! Funk says Cactus Jack is a nobody in a wrestling world and then says a bunch of unintelligible stuff, including a strange Foley impersonation of stuff he never does. This felt like a weird promo, like Funk said everything he needed to say and kept getting queued to talk more.

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I THINK Funk was impersonating those noises Cactus makes while wrestling, and evidently he felt that was cartoony. Funk rambles a bit but the promo is still awesome and a lot of what he says rings as very true in retrospect. Funk complaining about how Cactus is a fat mockery of wrestling while aligning with the Sandman is pretty amusing and some classic heeling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-07-ECW-TV] Interview: Terry Funk & The Sandman
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Terry Funk does not believe in the old adage "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." He feels disrespected that hack like Cactus is trying to emulate him and has actually duped fans into believing that Cactus is actually the second coming of Terry Funk. He shoots a little close to home calling Cactus a mockery to the business because he doesnt know how to wrestle and focuses too much on bumping and doing his Masochistic Theatre of Pain bullshit. 

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