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[1995-03-07-ECW-TV] Interview: Public Enemy

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La di da di we's like to party! Johnny Grunge gets sentimental because Rocco Rock had to go to the ER. He ain't cried about none of his hoodie friends because they chose the life of a hoodie but Rock is different. He shed a tear and now he wants Benoti's ass. Good brawl in the ECW arena with Rocco Rock in the wheelchair. I was thinking to myself Rock looks classy in white but he has a blood packet under his shirt to make it look he ripped some stitches after Benoit steamrolled him with a lariat while in the wheelchair. I liked Rock mocking Sabu/Taz for losing stolen property. Looks like they are turning Public Enemy babyface I would imagine for the impending arrival of the Gangstas. 

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