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[1995-03-14-ECW-TV] Interview: Shane Douglas & Cactus Jack / Interview: Woman / Interview: Terry Funk


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Enough of this. I absolutely HATE this Jack/Douglas combination I can't quite explain why but I think Shane is an albatross around Cactus. Great, they trained together, that doesn't mean they mesh as personalities at all. Douglas is still acting like his heel Franchise self and still buddy-buddy with Jack which is nonsensical.


A smolderingly sexy Woman responds, followed by an oddly edited promo from Sandman and Funk.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-14-ECW-TV] Interview: Shane Douglas & Cactus Jack / Interview: Woman / Interview: Terry Funk
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Man Pete is fired up about Cactus & Douglas! I liked Shane-O alright here-o. They both trash talked Funk no-showing an ECW show in August of 94. I know Funk was working in WCW as a member of Studd Stable is that why. Sandman tries to stir up trouble between Douglas and Cactus. Funk really doesnt have much time to talk. Woman did the best out of all them correctly calling out Douglas as a Horsemen wannabe and she could have taken him to the top well now her boys are going to take him. 

This apparently didnt get captured on the yearbook so I want to give my boys, Public Enemy, a SHOUTOUT! The majority of the episode was devoted to them trying to track down the other two teams to sign a contract for their Three Way Dance. Paul E. signs up Sabu & Taz right away. 911 blocks PE from getting to Paul E. Grunge goes "I gots no problem, I didnt call 911" PE messes with Joey lifting his watch and pickpocketing. They go find Jason who I guess is still managing Malenko but is he managing the Triple Threat. I dont know. Jason acts like he is going to sign but doesnt. Public Enemy feeds the contract to him and Jason's Pitbulls attack the Public Enemy and kick ass. This sets up Pitbulls vs Public Enemy and if PE wins then we get the Three Way Dance. I kinda like Jason. He can be a little forced at times, but when he was goofing around Pitbull #1's back that was pretty funny. The Pitbull #1 tell Jason they want the Champs once they beat PE. Pitbull #1 is a solid musclehead promo, Pitbull #2 is useless.

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