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[1995-03-17-AAA-Sin Limite] El Hijo del Santo & Octagon & Rey Misterio Jr vs Blue Panther & Psicosis & Fuerza Guerrera


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I have seen Fuerza Guerrera in many matches I have really enjoyed, and he's one of my favorite guys in wrestling, but this is probably his finest performance. The technicos all get their time in the sun, but I guess Fuerza/Octagon is really the defining rivalry of this match. Fuerza shows why I love him here -- he fakes getting low blowed and tries to trick the ref into disqualifying the technicos pretty early on. Later he hugs Rey and kisses him on the forehead, only to slap him immediately thereafter. And at one point he gets really feisty and ties Octagon to the ring ropes by the mask. He also more than holds his own working some complex, quickly paced sequences with Rey. Rey and Psicosis are both outstanding in this match. At one point, Rey does a somersault plancha into a rana on Psicosis! I guess '95 was really the peak of their feud. Santo/Panther do good things when they're in, but they are really background players. Another great moment saw the rudos doing the Michinoku Pro pose, only for Octagon to dropkick Psicosis to the floor. I still like Misterios vs Guerreras better, but this is the best match of the month to this point.

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This is AAA done right. Great dives by the tecnicos, awesome rudo work and a hot crowd. Loss is right that Fuerza was king here. Loved the fast low blow he did and then Octagon does one in the 3rd fall. My favorite part of the match is Santo's crazy dive to Panther laid down on the floor. Panther sells that great. Rey/Psicosis are good too in this match with Rey almost breaking his neck on a botched tope con holio into a head scissors on the floor. The fact that Fueraza vs Octagon could happen in 2012 now that Juvi is back in AAA fascinates me. Especially with Octagon rudo and Fuerza as a tecnico.

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I'm really looking forward to re-watching this. There aren't more than 4 wrestlers in history I like more than Fuerza, and I recall him being terrific in this as well. I actually liked this a bit more than the 6/18 match later in the year, but both are excellent. Both are pretty good shouts for the top 5 matches in AAA history.

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Awesome, awesome match, as enjoyable as anything this year. If Santo and Panther weren't content to stay in the background until their quick run at the end with the insane tope to the floor, this would be my running MOTY. Just a great blend of character work and some awesome flying--the offensive kind for Rey and some truly loony bumping from Psicosis. The star power is off the charts, too--and that matters.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-17-AAA-Sin Limite] El Hijo del Santo & Octagon & Rey Misterio Jr vs Blue Panther & Psicosis & Fuerza Guerrera

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