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[1995-03-18-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher and Bill Dundee


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Brian Christopher is about to have a match, but Dave Brown asks him to stop by for a few words first. Brian wants to know why when Dundee came out, everyone wanted to give him high-fives, but wouldn't do the same for Christopher. He talks about an upcoming match with a pole in each corner, each having an object in the top, and says Dundee will be too old to win a match like that.


He makes a few more age jokes until Christopher comes out to take exception. Dundee puts him in his place, mentioning George Foreman and the Rolling Stones, but Brian says they're all washed up. He fakes Dundee out that Lawler is behind him, then sneak attacks Dundee and they brawl.

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This is kind of an example why Memphis died a slow death during the final days. Christopher bashes all the old guys while he's a babyface and says guys like Dundee are nothing. Then you have a main event with Lawler vs Bill Dundee. If the old guys mean nothing, why should people pay to watch two old guys that mean nothing?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-18-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher and Bill Dundee

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