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[1995-03-28-ECW-TV] Raven vs Tommy Dreamer


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Last few minutes. Terry Funk runs down to cut Raven's handcuffs at ringside right before Dreamer pins Stevie Richards. Raven pretends to still be handcuffed, then ambushes Dreamer and pins him. Stevie tries to help Raven beat up Dreamer and gets pushed away. Raven handcuffs him with both hands to the ring ropes then hits Dreamer with a chairshot.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-28-ECW-TV] Raven vs Tommy Dreamer
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I agree with you Pete more wrestlers actively looking to settle a grudge with an active member of the roster is a great idea. Adds depth to both characters.

Terry Funk who has aligned himself with Sandman & Woman against Cactus, has decided the friend of my enemy is my enemy and thus the enemy of the friend of my enemy is my friend. He comes out and cuts Raven's cuffs. This is a gauntlet match. Dreamer does a nice tricked out Enziguiri to pin Richards. He comes to attack Raven but the handcuff is already off and Raven suckerpunches him and DDTs on the concrete floor. Raven pummels him and loads up the boot. Dreamer does a five-alarm bladejob. Raven handcuffs to the ropes and BOOM unprotected chairshot to the ropes. First legitimately great angle from this storyline. I skipped this ECW Arena show and went from Return of the Funker to Three Way Dance. I was skipping the unnamed ECW Arena shows which was kinda dumb in retrospect. I love that Raven loads the boot it is so him to use every heel trick. This really elevates this feud from lets see where this goes to ok this shit is hot now. 

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