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[1995-04-15-WCW-Saturday Night] Be Fair To Flair


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Yes! These were glorious. This is brought to you by Ric Flair the athlete, Ric Flair the philanthropist, Ric Flair the scholar, Ric Flair the kind and Ric Flair the just! He's accompanied by a woman named Magenta who doesn't speak.


Flair's pronounciation is really strange in this. He uses the phrase "Jumpin' Jetta" and talks about nothing in particular as they show various clips of his career. As amusing as I find this segment on an isolated basis, Flair's Gone Crazy was a terrible idea. Also, his haircut makes him look like Bozo when he shakes his head.


Anyway, here are the Top 10 reasons WCW should be fair to Flair. This was funnier than I expected, way better than the lame Shawn Michaels top 10 earlier in the year.


10. The Figure Four Leglock. I made it a household name!

9. Without me everyone thinks Alex Wright can dance!

8. I'm living up to my end of the bargain, I haven't wrestled since October!

7. Because I just might buy the company and fire everyone! (Humorously spelled as "everone" on the graphic)

6. I'm still on everyone's mind ... just listen to Hogan and Savage!

5. Women are going crazy ... look what happened at Uncensored ... a half crazed woman came out of the stands and beat him up!

4. If I'm not in WCW ... what are they going to do ... close down Space Mountain?

3. The whole world's going through Flair withdrawal!

2. I'm a kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, jet flying son of a gun!

1. Whooo!

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