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[1995-04-08-ECW-Three Way Dance] Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs Public Enemy vs Rick Steiner & Taz


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The Public Enemy entrances were great, I'll give them that. And Rick Steiner is more over than I thought he'd be in the ECW Arena. There's nothing else positive I'd say about this, and after a few minutes I realize there's no way I can sit through this whole match, but it worked for the audience at the time, so good for them.

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I put the over/under on moves sold by Rick at 3. That said, he and Taz make for a good pairing, just two guys who know how to suplex motherfuckers left and right. I did count at least or 6 fully sold moves by Steiner here, so that was a pleasant surprise. Rick continues to show off the value of a University of Michigan education by chasing Public Enemy into the stands, allowing Taz to be double-teamed and pinned. The brawl continues afterward including an absolutely ghastly spot where Taz and Steiner are supposed to throw stereo suplexes and end up hitting each other. Rick looked legitimately fucked up by that. With 6 guys all going at it, this at least holds your attention, but PE are nothing once the ring entrance is over, so this goes off the rails badly when it's 2-on-2. It did work for the audience, though. PE comes back to win the tag titles--TWO arrogant pull-up covers leading to losses in one show is bad quality control.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-04-08-ECW-Three Way Dance] Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs Public Enemy vs Rick Steiner & Taz

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