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[1995-05-14-WWF-In Your House I] Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler / Interview: Sid


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"That's not his mother!"


In a funny moment, Lawler has a young model with him that he claims is his mother, and he's dedicating the match to her. Bret was selling a knee injury at the end of the Hakushi match to throw Lawler off his game coming into this one. Bret no-sold the piledriver? Really? That may be the worst thing I've ever seen Bret do, especially considering that his Hulk up got no reaction. Not a good match, but it gives Lawler something to gloat about, which is always fun. The ref's ankle got caught in the ring ropes after a bump, creating an opening for Hakushi to run in and help Lawler win. Hebner looks right at the interference an pretends not to see it. He sucks. And after all that, Bret still gets his heat back? What was the point?

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Lawler and his "mother" are great, but even better is Dok's blind acceptance of this. "You can tell she takes a lot better care of herself than Helen does." The piledriver no-sell...I dunno, it didn't really bother me. Maybe because Bret *did* sell it for a few seconds, before popping it back up. I could buy it as Bret running on pure hate and adrenaline, a story pushed hard by Hendrix during the match. Match still isn't good, but it was nice to see Lawler get a pinfall. He needed to win the whole segment though, rather than getting run off afterward.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-05-14-WWF-In Your House I] Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler / Interview: Sid

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