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[1995-05-15-WWF-Raw] Interview: Bob Backlund


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Great events in World history by Mr. Bob Backlund


1776 D.C. (District of Columbia)

Birth of the Ancient Olympic Games. [Only 1000 years out Bob]


323 D.C.

Death of Alexander the Great.


4th July 1776

United States Declaration of Independence.



The Titanic sinks.


22nd December 1983

Assassination of JFK. [Only 1 month out Bob]


July 1969

Neil Armstrong sets foot ON THE MOON!


20th February 1978

Bob Backlund becomes WWF champion. [Add a W Bob]


23rd November 1994

Bob Backlund regains the WWF title that he never rightly lost.


15th May 1995

Bob 4 Prez!

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Backlund's speech is Knute Rockne-esque in its levels of inspiration. "All right, Mr. Backlund, for the rest of us here on this planet..." Vince responds. Backlund conflating the JFK assassination with the date of his title loss is spectacular, regardless of whether it was intentional. A marching band comes out playing woefully out-of-tune instruments, as Vince is incredulous. Segment of the year, possibly segment of the decade.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-05-15-WWF-Raw] Interview: Bob Backlund

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