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[1995-07-01-ECW-Hardcore Heaven] Interview: Shane Douglas


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Joey Styles is doing a Hotline plug in the ring when Shane Douglas interrupts him. Douglas is wearing a tucked in WWF t-shirt and shorts that are waaaaay too honest, and the crowd completely turns on him, even throwing "We Want Flair" his way and whooing nonstop at him. Anyway, I stopped paying attention about 127 minutes into this promo, but Woman, Sandman and Cactus all eventually showed up.

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Hey Shane, IF YOU HAVE A GODDAMNED *POINT*, GET TO IT. Also take a drink every time Shane says "piece of shit." Flair's a piece of shit, the ECW Arena's a piece of shit, the fans are pieces of shit...find a new epithet already. Clearly Vince Russo has been falsely implicated all these years--he didn't invent 20-minute show-opening promos, Shane Douglas did. This is fucking interminable and the "best friends with Cactus" Domenic DeNucci bullshit that no one cares about gets dredged up again. This Cactus-Shane thing is the slowest goddamned burn in the history of wrestling. And a lot of ranting about journalism for some reason. For once in my life, I'm squarely on the side of the smartass attention-seeking smark fans. I fully approve of the "We Want Flair" chants and whooing.


Woman comes out and attempts to entice Shane into joining her AGAIN. How the hell many times can these two people fake each other out? Crowd chants "Shane's got a woody." Joey's idiotic mugging to the camera is back again, too, just to make sure that outside of the fans and Woman's outfit this bit has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Shane tries to sucker Woman into slapping him a second time as an excuse for attacking her, but Sandman makes the save and then Cactus Jack makes the save in an apparent attempt to stand up for the rights of woman-abusers. Presumably he's got a Ray Rice jersey underneath the familiar flannel shirt.


God, this is seriously one of the worst interviews and worst segments of the year. Dave Sullivan is obnoxious and the Dungeon of Doom laughable and Diesel annoying, but at least they're relatively fucking concise.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-01-ECW-Hardcore Heaven] Interview: Shane Douglas
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Douglas has great cadence, conviction but shitty content. Id give him a pass on content if he was not so interminable. 

I dont know if Douglas is the best actor in the world or if he worked himself into a shoot but when the fans started thunderously chanting "We Want Flair" he got hot and I mean DOUBLE HOT! And it was worth for that. Good job Mutants! Woman comes out looking hot and I mean DOUBLE HOT! I skipped a couple months in my ECW rewatch for match watching purposes so this whole Douglas/Sandman/Cactus thing has not ended? Sandman saves Woman so Cactus saves Douglas and Cactus is the babyface? Well Cactus turning heel soon. I thought Douglas getting wicked angry at the "We Want Flair" chants were worth it.  

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