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[1995-07-01-ECW-Hardcore Heaven] Public Enemy vs The Gangstas


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The action is whatever but inoffensive. PE sneaks in a win that settles absolutely nothing--I always heard that jobbing on your first night in was sort of a quasi-Paul E. policy. He did it a lot. Some incredibly feeble brawling after the match, before PE return to the ring to celebrate, and the ring quickly fills up with a swarm of dancing fans in a very cool scene that shows a strong point of difference with what was happening in the Big Two. Hey, was that Blue Meanie among the early party-crashers? As Gorilla Monsoon would say, "I hope they reinforced the ring for this one." Like them or not--and I sure as heck don't--PE somehow made a genuine emotional connection to the ECW fanbase. Huge "E-C-W" chant to close and I'm wondering why I haven't heard of this before--it feels like it should be one of those iconic ECW scenes like the thrown chairs or Sabu splattering on the guardrail.

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I will defend the booking here. The Gangstas are the hot new, ultra-violent team. Public Enemy are the poseurs. If you have Gangstas win, you prove the Gangstas right and whats the fucking point of more matches. Have Public Enemy win but close. Well now the Gangstas are pissed because they got shown up by poseurs. The Gangstas end up jumping Public Enemy outside the building because they are sore losers and pricks. This puts heat on the feud. It is like gang attack or a drive by, ya know. Now The Gangstas have shown their true nature: they are proud thugs and when their pride is wounded they lash out in an unsportsmanlike way. The Gangstas are definitely the heels. Now you can build the story from there.

Yeah I saw the ring fill in and thought it was pretty cool. I am definitely a Public Enemy defender. I think it is loveable hoodie gimmick is funny. I like the high pitched voices and the comedy. They can bring the gravity in their promos too. They are definitely a promo gimmick. I have seen one good Public Enemy match it was on a random Nitro where Knobbs and Saggs just stiffed the hell out of them but a wicked good brawl. There is two guys I wish got a run in ECW, the Nasty Boys would have been great! 

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