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  • 2 months later...

This is the biggest, most confusing clusterfuck I've ever seen, but it involves the Gibson, Lawler, Landell, Rich, PG-13, Dundee, Pat Tanaka, Billy Jack Haynes, Smothers, Brian Lee, Tom Pritchard, Doug Gilbert, Brian Christopher and probably some other guys I'm missing. There are handcuffs attached to the cage, so they are handcuffing guys on the other team. We only get a couple of minutes of footage. This isn't an example of a match I'd want to see in full, even though it's an interesting mix of names.


We cut back to the studio for an interview with Doug Gilbert. Doug talks about Eddie's death and his role in the SMW feud. I think he's trying to do a great promo, and it's good in tone, but there's no real focus to go with all the emotion. He mentions the turn from Brian Lee on the USWA. Some will like this more than me because of the pitch-perfect tone, but this promo just felt a little empty.

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I liked this promo more than Loss but I'm a big fan of Doug so that might be why? He's no Dusty Rhodes in the babyface promo stage and this went on a little too long but it was still really good. Also, I think I saw Gorgeous George III(Maestro of WCW fame) in that cage. That match had too many people in it.

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Some odd SMW loyalists on the heel side--Brian Lee makes sense, Gorgeous George III and Pat Tanaka less so. Lance Russell, for some reason, is doing live commentary over the house mic. The USWA win by handcuffing everyone from SMW to the cage, and thus win 5 minutes with their handcuffed opponents. But Billy Jack Haynes turns on Tommy Rich and there's a big brawl, with keeper of the key Brian Christopher getting involved. Too confusing to really follow, as evidenced by the lack of live heat.


Doug Gilbert is out to talk about Eddie's death and his joining the USWA Dream Team--which he agreed to do, for Eddie. It's hard to snark on this, but this is pretty meandering and unfocused. It gets better when he directs his attention to Billy Jack Haynes and an upcoming first-blood match against Brian Lee.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-08-12-USWA-TV] USWA vs SMW (Cage) / Interview: Doug Gilbert

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