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[1995-09-05-ECW-TV] Raven & Stevie Richards vs Pit Bulls


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We join in as Stevie takes a crazy clothesline off Pitbull 1's shoulders, with Richards and 2 spilling all the way to the floor. Richards eats a chairshot on the floor and then a crazy combination Superbomb/neckbreaker. Beulah breaks up a pin and is about to eat a Superbomb of her own, but Raven heroically makes the save. This is an overbooked clusterfuck but damned if it isn't a fun one, with some clever false finishes. How did the Pitbulls not get a look from either of the Big Two? They look like perfectly serviceable workers for being such roidheads, and it seems like they'd be a better fit than Public Enemy.

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ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards vs The Pitbulls - ECW Arena 8/26/95

The ECW Arena rematch after the match in Middletown and the 8-Man tag where Cactus turns on Tommy, we get this match. This match starts with Raven getting his shit kicked in. Richards is being a chump and refuses to tag in. This goes on longer than I expected but the result is what I expected, Raven gives him a thwack and throws him to the Dogs of War. Pitbulls feast on Richards. Crazy standing Doomsday Device to Richards. Pitbull #1 jumped pretty high to connect. Insane spot. You know the spot that injured Villano on Nitro (weird fact: I was there live, only Nitro I attended) well the Pitbulls do that spot on Richards only it is from the top rope. Looked gnarly as fuck basically a Ganso Bomb. Raven saves. Raven eats a Superbomb at one point. I think this is when Beulah saves and they are going to Superbomb Beulah. Then there are three nearfalls for Stevie, first when Dudley Dudley interferes then a Raven DDT and finally a Big Dick hotshot on the railing. It sets up Raven Masterpiece Theatre at Gangstas Paradise perfectly as all these moving pieces will fit together in grand fashion. Also I take back anything bad I said about the Pitbulls they are a good power wrestling team, really good offense. Pitbulls vs Steiners would have been good fun. ***1/2


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