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[1995-09-17-GAEA] Mayumi Ozaki vs Chigusa Nagayo (Street Fight)


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Pretty bloody match. Chigusa is awesome. Runs together with the Kansai matches a little, but a good match. The biggest positive I can give this is that if this weren't in street clothes, it would work easily well as a straight wrestling match too. There are a few times when they bring in props, but for the most part, this is focused on actual wrestling, without the chains and table breaking of the Kansai match. (There's one table spot, but it's not the focus of the match.) Chigusa wins when Ozaki can't get to her feet. This didn't do as much for me as the Kansai matches, possibly because Chigusa was overly dominant and there wasn't quite as much give and take as your normal Ozaki brawl.

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We join in with Ozaki already bloodied to hell. Good brawl but nowhere near the Kansai matches, because Nagayo sandbags Ozaki for practically every move she tries. Show some fucking pride in your work, Chigusa. Or some guts. But hey, she's the boss so if she doesn't want to take bumps I guess she can't be forced. The ending is suitably brutal, as Nagayo hits the Super Freak off a table to win by KO. Ozaki worked hard but Nagayo was a pile of shit here, and I can't help but notice she's had a lot more bad performances on these sets than good ones.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-09-17-GAEA] Mayumi Ozaki vs Chigusa Nagayo (Street Fight)

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