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[1995-10-16-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels and Dean Douglas


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You know Bill Watts is booking, because they're talking about Dean Douglas' "$7500 fine" for interfering in the six-man. Anyway, during the Dean squash, Vince talks about the Syracuse beatdown where 10 thugs brutally attacked Shawn and both of his eyes are swollen shut. Shawn does a phoned in interview saying he's going to be at In Your House one way or another.

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Even the ring announcer has a "Definition..." spiel for the word "Dean" as part of the intro now. A report of the Shawn Michaels/Marine nightclub incident is not enough to overcome the almighty power of WWF punnery. Michaels can't even sell a fucking REAL INJURY without John Cena-ing his way into yukking it up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-10-16-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels and Dean Douglas

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