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[1995-11-04-SMW-TV] Buddy Landell vs Tommy Rich


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Landell subs for The Wolfman. The match is cut short by the end of the TV show, and wow, they are really doing all the stuff dying promotions do now. But we do still get to see the whole match. Every time Cornette tries to interfere, Butch Cassidy chases him out. Still, Cornette comes back in and hits Buddy with the racket for the DQ so again, it's a feud about getting Cornette over. And again, the heels are dominant to close things out.


"They have hit the bottom of the barrel," says the announcer. Indeed.

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  • 1 year later...

Good Lord, Landell as the surprise sub for the Wolfman is done in the most half-assed, least dramatic manner possible. Even Kessler and Thatcher can barely sound like they're bothered. This whole environment is depressing. Rich pretty much has nothing left and Landell, as great as his interviews have been, has been booked as a horribly ineffective babyface, worse than Brian Lee was--even with the surprise sub Rich manages to get the jump on him. Rich blatantly chokes out Landell with a rope and nothing happens. A Militia run-in and yet another heel beatdown. Sheesh, is this Smoky Mountain Wrestling or 1996 WCW? Butch Cassidy gets chokeslammed--"SOMEBODY BETTER CALL 911!" cries Kessler. Dang, that was almost clever. I know it's just a midget but it doesn't say much for Landell to hype up what a tough guy this friend of his is only for him to get his ass kicked on television after a week.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-11-04-SMW-TV] Buddy Landell vs Tommy Rich

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