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[1995-12-25-AAA] Psicosis & Halloween vs Leon Negro & Ultraman


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Pretty crazy match, especially for Christmas day, with the lucha guys working like they are in ECW. Psicosis is very much in trainwreck mode and not great worker mode, diving off the cage, taking hard chairshots and playing with fire. Hell of a brawl, and a match I didn't hate, but it's really just entertaining crap. I'm glad this stuff mostly stayed contained to AAA instead of infecting all of lucha libre.

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Psicosis rocking the Neil O'Donnell jersey is pretty hilarious. There's some good stuff sprinkled here, with some good fire (no pun intended) shown by Psicosis--and by Ultraman at times. But a lot of this is just...mundane. The finish isn't bad for what it is, and the Spot of the Year highlight is Psicosis doing a legdrop from the top of the cage to the FLOOR after the match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-12-25-AAA] Psicosis & Halloween vs Leon Negro & Ultraman

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