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[1994-12-01-FMW] Great Nita & Tarzan Goto vs Mr Pogo & Hisakatsu Oya (Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Death)


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Great Nita gets his back really messed up with a Sickle stabbed into it. He uses red mist to get out of it. There is a massive fireball attempt that doesn’t hit, for the better. They light a thick barbwired baseball on fire. The ring mat starts to flame up too and the referee needs to stamp it out while avoiding the various madness going on. A mess of a match but but was something to watch.

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Something to see is the best way to describe this. Quite the spectacle, but this is ridiculous. Pogo uses a flaming baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, and there are explosions all around the ring. I hate the scythe Pogo uses. It's too barbaric.


This is where I clarify the point for those who like to say how surprised they are that I like FMW. I don't like this. I like the wrestling side of FMW. We've seen precious little of that in 1994.

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There was good build to this early, with all four guys showing how absolutely desperate they were to avoid the barbed wire, but then this just got overly sadistic when Pogo started doing his sickle shit. Then we had barbed wire boards (with Oya mostly using the butt-end of it, for some reason), Pogo drinking lighter fluid, and flaming baseball bats with none of the charm or psychology of the earlier Onita matches. I will say that the ending, as over-the-top as the weaponry was, was incredibly dramatic and well-timed. Goto recovers from the barbed wire on the floor to rescue Onita from Pogo's flaming stick o' death, sending Pogo flying into the exploding barbed wire on the other side of the ring, leaving Oya 1-on-2 and thus doomed. So that worked. A lot of the rest of this didn't. I wish Pogo would just go away--outside of that one cage match he's nothing but the same dumb boot-and-sickle shtick in every damned match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-12-01-FMW] Great Nita & Tarzan Goto vs Mr Pogo & Hisakatsu Oya (Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Death)

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