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[1990-07-29-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan


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Screaming psycho Rude doesn't really fit. He's much better off as the sleazy, oily ladies' man he was before, long hair and all. To be honest, they could have just scrapped the vignettes, played the same "he beat you once, he'll beat you again" card, left Rude's character totally alone, and gotten the same result. I liked the vignettes as much as anyone, but they simply don't translate into normal podium interviews. Heenan saves things as usual, particularly with his insistence on Mean Gene calling Rude "the next WWF champion".


It's interesting that they're actually acknowledging house shows in this feud; maybe they knew they'd let things lay a little too long and wanted to make sure that fans still cared about these two by teasing a possible non-televised title change.

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