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Sort of a divided promo here. There's nothing new we haven't heard them say about the Harts, and it's tough to really get into the LOD stuff, knowing that we'll never see a two-on-two tag match between the teams.


Ax was quite an effective spokesman for Demolition; it's a shame that he'll be leaving and Fuji will be returning by the end of the year (Fuji and the Demos reunited at the 11/19 TV taping in Rochester, New York, with Fuji's return bout airing December 8).


Crush is a little better on interviews than he has been, which is a good thing if Fuji's going to be returning.


I don't know if I like Vince totally crapping on the "Freebird rules". He should at least grudgingly acknowledge that it's an ingenious piece of strategy that the Harts will have to overcome at SummerSlam instead of dismissing the Demos as cowards out of hand. Then again, Vince stopped being anything but an obnoxious babyface shill years before this.

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Brother Love’s guests are the WWF tag team champions, Demolition. Vince McMahon is not happy that three men hold the gold, it’s supposed to be two as that’s what ‘tag teams’ are all about! Love says that it was absolutely lovely the way they treated the Hart Foundation the last time they were on his show (and they replay that footage). He says how at Summerslam its two out of three falls, but only two members of Demolition are going to be allowed at ringside. Ax says the punishment for the Hart Foundation, or as they like to call them, the ‘Crybaby’ Foundation is going to continue. They ask for all these stipulations, favours, this and that, but they make excuses. ‘Brother’ Crush says the Hart Foundation may think all their problems are solved, but one stipulation still remains in favour of the ‘new’ Demolition, and that’s the unknown factor. Smash explains that the Hart Foundation don’t know which two they’re going to wrestle, but they do! Love says after they get through with them there is another tag team waiting in the wings; they try and paint their faces, they try and wear spikes, but they’re nothing but an impostor of Demolition, the Legion of Doom. Ax says that he’s heard they want a piece of them, and after they destroy and demolish the Hart Foundation at Summerslam, they’re next on their list. Crush warns them that they better be careful what they wish for because it might come true and their wish will be their worst nightmare. Ax then says how they’re going to have a victory celebration after Summerslam and they’re going to dedicate the victory to their good friend, Brother Love.


It’s a shame that Ax didn’t stick around because he would’ve made a much better spokesman/manager for the team than Fuji ended up being. I liked him doing the talking here, but not sure when Demolition and Brother Love became best buddies.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-04-WWF-Superstars] Brother Love: Demolition

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