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[1990-08-11-USWA-Championship Sports] Jerry Lawler promo / Devastation Inc. and Jeff Jarrett


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  • 2 months later...

Lawler has been suspended in Texas for piledriving the referee. The storyline is that Akbar caused the suspension by complaining incessantly to USWA officials. He promises that when the suspension is lifted, Lawler will come after him. This is basic, but it's a textbook babyface promo vowing revenge, and I love it!


Akbar and Young are out for an interview right after that. Craig Johnson has a contract for a Jarrett/Young hair vs hair match. Both are solid, but not great talkers, and Jeff Jarrett is out pretty quickly to interrupt. Jarrett admits that he would be scared to lose his hair, but if Young lost his hair, it would be an improvement. Therefore, he doesn't want Young's hair on the line. Instead, if Jarrett wins, Lawler's suspension is lifted. Akbar and Young have to talk about that one. Devastation leaves without signing anything and says they'll get back to him. And with that, we're out.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Akbar is still wielding influence over the Board of Directors even post-World Class, getting Lawler suspended for piledriving Tony Falk. Lawler promises revenge when he comes back and points out a crippling injury to Sweet Daddy Falcone as an example/warning. Lawler is 100% believable when he says that he's going to take Akbar out for good--he's a babyface but still a babyface with an edge. Quite a contrast to the goody-two-shoes Von Erichs.


Akbar and Gary Young are presented with a contract for a hair vs. hair match with Jeff Jarrett. Young says that Jarrett without his locks will look like "Bart Simpson or some other cartoon character, maybe Babar the Elephant!" Ooo-kay then. Jarrett comes out not to fight, but to negotiate. Jarrett takes responsibility for Lawler's suspension and vows to get him out of it. Since Gary Young with a shaved head would be an improvement, instead of putting his hair on the line Akbar will get Lawler's suspension gets lifted. Jarrett signs, Young and Akbar will get back to us.


Logical, effective booking all the way around. World Class/USWA-Texas at its best was one of the best possible "organized chaos" promotions ever. Things seemed constantly on the verge of completely breaking down or descending into "crap at the wall" booking, but the storylines are constantly going places and clearly the people in charge--whether it's Embry, Gary Hart, or Jerry Jarrett--have plans that they're putting into action.

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Akbar got the USWA to suspend Lawler. Jerry will take care of Akbar once the suspension is lifted. Lawler wearing a PWI tshirt.


Hair versus Hair match for Jarrett and Gary Young. What happened to Iceman? Jarrett proposes that he will put his hair up but if he wins Young doesn’t have to put his hair up but instead have Lawler’s suspension be overturned. They completely book themselves out the backdoor of the hair match.

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The last time I saw Lawler in Texas, he was a heel giving relationship advice to John Tatum. Now, he's a babyface fighting Skandor Akbar. Talk about a 180. But if anyone can pull it off, it's the Kingfish.


I liked Jarrett sticking up for his fellow Memphian. I know we'll see plenty more of this in '91, but this is sort of the germ of the Tennessee/Texas feud, only I doubt anyone's rooting for Texas, since Akbar's representing it. Jarrett tries to outnegotiate him by putting Lawler's suspension on the line, but Ak's too smart for that, at least for now. I like Jarrett coming out and negotiating with Ak and Young instead of picking a fight and getting left laying. Finally, a babyface with brains in Dallas!


We know the match will be signed soon enough, and I'll be interested to see what happens.


By the way, Craig's still coming along nicely; I loved how he reacted to Akbar's cigar smoke and his subtle attempts at badgering Ak into signing the Jarrett/Young match. We'll make a broadcaster out of you yet, Craig!

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  • 8 months later...

Jerry Lawler is sporting a PWI T-Shirt! He says that every time there is a problem in Dallas, TX, Skandor Akhbar is at the root of it, and that includes his suspension. He checked into things and found out that Akhbar lodged the original complaint and was the one who went to the USWA officials and cried long and hard until he made them feel like they had to suspend him. He’s the one who said it would set a bad example across the country, that other organizations and offices would look down on the USWA unless they took immediate action against him. He tells Akhbar that whenever the suspension he’s his own personal problem, and he usually takes care of his problems! Sweet Daddy Falcone had to be carried out of the Sportatorium last time he wrestled Jarrett and himself. He’s still on crutches and they don’t know if he’ll ever wrestle again. That was part of their problem, and Skandor Akhbar is the rest of it! When his suspension is over he’s going to deal with him and he’s going to hurt him like he’s never been hurt before. He’s sure the people of Dallas will have heard a lot of people say that over the years, but when he says he’s going to hurt him, when he says he’s going to put him out, you can take it to the bank!


I think I believe him too. Real good promo from ‘The King’ here.


In the Sportatorium, and Skandor Akhbar and Gary Young head down the aisle and over to Craig Johnson. He says that Akhbar has done everything he could to make Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s suspension stick, but the General says a few weeks ago Jerry Lawler came in here and said how he was going to get rid of Devastation Inc. in one night, everything that he had built for years. Whether the people like it or not though, he is still number one! Johnson has a contract for this Friday to pit Jeff Jarrett against Gary Young in a ‘hair vs hair’ match. Akhbar and Young find the prospect of Jeff Jarrett running about without a stitch of hair on his head rather amusing. They claim he’s always been jealous of Gary Young because he’s the gorgeous one, he’s the handsome one and he’s the one with all the ladies while Jeff Jarrett is just a sissy! As Young is cutting a promo on him he comes out to join them. Jarrett says that Akhbar likes business dealings and he was sat in the back listening to what Jerry Lawler had to say. He got him into this and he’s going to get him out of it. He thought about the stipulations and has a proposition for him. He’ll keep his hair at stake, and if he loses the match he’ll get in the ring and let them shave his head, but because if Gary Young lost his hair it would be an improvement, if he wins, he wants Jerry Lawler’s suspension lifted. He knows it will have to be run by the USWA officials and while Akhbar and Young go off to confer, Jarrett signs the contract with that stipulation in line. Johnson hands Young the contract to sign but he says he’ll get back to them and he and Akhbar head off to the back.

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