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[1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Steve Austin & Jeannie Clark and Chris Von Erich, Chris & Toni Adams


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Not a whole lot of new ground covered here except for Austin's Pillsbury jokes, which lose their humor the second and third times around, though I liked the "have your biscuit and eat it too" line.


So Jeannie beat Toni again, huh? Even taking Austin's interference into account, this is too much. The faces look like ineffectual dolts as usual, and I'm beginning to see Austin's point about wrestling them and beating them enough. Honestly, CVE vs. Percy is the only part of this whole thing that hasn't been completely beaten into the ground. I get that Austin had a lot more upside than Adams did at this point, but that doesn't excuse Adams being completely jobbed out to the point of ridiculousness. Either give Adams some sustained payback or end this feud once and for all.

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Steve Austin is scheduled for a match against Mark Burns. Before the match commences Craig Johnson calls them over for an interview, but Percy Pringle says that Jeannie wants him to conduct the interview and he is surplus to requirements!


Austin says that he was involved in two matches last night. Firstly a tag team match he was contracted to with Percy Pringle against Chris Adams and Chris Von Erich, where the same thing happened that had done the week before, Percy beats the tar out of Von Erich and pins him in the middle 1-2-3 (Steve and his selective memory again!). The other match he wasn’t supposed to be involved in, and that was a cage match between Toni and Jeannie. The reason he was involved in that match was because after Jeannie pinned Toni in the middle of the ring for the win, Chris Adams came out with a steel pipe to try and put Jeannie out of wrestling for good. The cage was there to try and keep the likes of Chris Adams out of the ring, he still interfered, but they still won the match, and he tells Jeannie that he was never prouder of her than he was last night. Jeannie says that after pinning Toni she proved herself, and tells her that she will not be wrestling her again ‘as she doesn’t have to’. Austin says that Chris Adams lies at every opportunity he gets, he has been to the promoters, lied and claimed that ‘he’ interfered in the match. As a result they’ve got this ‘Pilsbury’ match, where if Jeannie or Toni interfere they are put in a penalty box. He says that the penalty box is a cage, they’ve never interfered and will not be taking part in this match. Jeannie insists she has never interfered, although the crowd reactions state that they know otherwise! Austin tells them to take the cage away and the match won’t take place as they own the USWA. Just as the interview is finishing a producer comes over to Craig Johnson and informs him that they’re trying to get Jerry Lawler on the phone.


End of the Austin/Burns match and Austin tosses Burns over the top rope, with him taking an uncomfortable tumble to the floor. He holds him so that Jeannie can get a few shots in, before telling Johnson that there isn’t going to be any ‘Pilsbury’ match with Chris Adams or anyone associated with him. They’ve beaten them fair and square, time and time again, and he doesn’t need another match to prove himself to them. The Adams’ and Chris Von Erich head out and Steve and Jeannie scarper. Chris says he doesn’t care if Austin wants the match or not ‘It’s on! ‘Queensbury Rules’ not ‘Pilsbury Rules’!’ If they win this they get the match of their choice, and he again wants the people to write in to let him know what match they want. Von Erich then tells Percy Pringle that if he ever looks like he’s going to interfere, he will be all over him!

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