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[1990-09-01-WWF-Superstars] Tugboat vignette


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Not much of a promo here, but the point is made.


Tugboat didn't sink (forgive me) to the midcard right away; he teamed with Bossman against Earthquake and Bravo quite a bit to keep that situation going while Hogan was absent from the house show circuit that fall. He also had a few singles bouts, mostly against Bravo.


Tugboat/Bossman might have made an interesting team if there had been a decent heel team their size to send them after, but the only one that qualified was the Demos, who were busy with the LOD.

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The Tugster is docking his boat and says that Earthquake and Dino Bravo thought they had him down and out, he was down, but definitely not out! Every time he pulls on a rope or swabs the decks he feels pain in his mid-ships. The Hulkster always told him though, no pain, no gain! He’s back and ready, the boiler is stoked, the charge set and he’s coming full steam ahead!


I can’t take Tugboat seriously in that hat. He seemed to be rattling out every boat related pun and reference he could think of here.

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