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[1990-09-01-WWF-Superstars] The Genius promo


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This was actually sort of a tweener poem from Lanny; yes, he brags about himself and seems to gloat about the kids having to go back to school, but he also tells them to do the best they can. This may not have been an accident; they may have been trying to see how the Genius character would get over as less of a heel.


For further proof, his first post-SummerSlam house show program was against, of all people, Haku. There were at least four matches between the two men right after SummerSlam; of these, we know the result of only one, as Haku scored a clean pin on September 1 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The experiment with a face/tweener Genius ended soon after; I guess the fans didn't respond to Lanny the way Vince wanted (and why would they, with the gimmick as over-the-top as it had become by then?)

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Words of wisdom from the world’s smartest man telling all the kids to go to school and do the best they can.


It was as if they were trying to make him look effeminate as possible with that pink mortar board and gown and that awful blonde wig. Good poem though!

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