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[1990-09-01-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Cowabunga


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Eddie Gilbert hitting Jerry Lawler with a car is totally bogus, dude! Major pukus maximus! Eddie Gilbert is also sporting major wiggage.


What an absolutely flabbergasting production decision from a promotion that was still clinging to kayfabe in many ways. The previous Lawler promo almost hypes Monday night to be another Snowman shoot-type situation, and then we get this. "Other wrestlers react to the big angle" can be an effective storytelling element but this is so not the way to go about it.

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No, no, no, no, no. A hundred thousand times no. Dundee helped Lawler into the building after he was hit, has been his closest friend and bitterest enemy each in its turn for the last fifteen freakin' years, has a program going with the Gilberts himself, and instead we get this idiot going on about "pukus maximus" and "major wiggage"? What does Doug's wig have to do with any of this anyway? Is your shell on too tight, pal? We just had a bloody ATTEMPTED MURDER here not half an hour ago!


Words may not fail me, but they're certainly inadequate at this point. Worst promo of the year by far. I'd rather hear Warrior's blathering about normals.

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Cowabunga has a match against Keith Eric but stops off for a chat with Dave Brown first. He says that the Gilberts running ‘The King’ over in the parking lot was totally bogus. Major pukus maximus! The Gilberts are running around here acting like they own the wrestling business, running people over with cars. He hopes that Eddie Marlin doesn’t fire them because he wants his shot at them too. Major wiggage going on in the territory too with what Doug Gilbert’s got on his head. Major wiggage!


Huh? They’ve just done the most realistic angle you could possibly imagine, and then you’ve got a man in a turtle costume commenting on it and wanting revenge? Could they not leave the turtle off television at least for one week whilst this was going down?

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