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[1990-09-08-USWA-Memphis TV] Eddie Gilbert and Dirty White Boy promo


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I actually think Eddie is the perfect heel to pull off racist stuff like this. He's a scum-sucking bottom-feeding piece of shit who's willing to go to any depths to humiliate, degrade, and destroy anyone in his path. He's not supposed to be classy like Flair; he's supposed to be one step lower than the scum of the earth, and people like that care nothing for intelligent racial discussion. If you as a promoter are going to hang on to the outdated notion that racism makes money, this is the type of heel you want doing your dirty work.


Anthony was window dressing here, nothing more.

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It doesn’t seem logical to the Dirty White Boy that the likes of Bill Dundee and Brickhouse Brown would want to step in the ring with him and ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert. He doesn’t know what they are thinking about, but he’s thinking about inflicting pain all over them. Gilbert says that this week they’re going against a little man and a ‘boy’, because as of this week Brickhouse is going to be his ‘boy’. He’s going to tell him what to do, and the next time they’re up here he’s going to be driving himself and Tony Anthony to the matches. They’re going to have the Dirty White Girl in the back, and they might even put his brother in the front seat next to Brown as a rib on him.


I thought we’d seen the back of the blatant racist promos, but they make a return here. Maybe Gilbert had been watching Flair and the Horsemen in the NWA and waiting for the right time to channel them? With how awesome Gilbert has been since he’s returned to the USWA it was really disappointing to see him going down this route.

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