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[1990-09-08-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Cactus Jack, Gary Young & Skandor Akbar


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Cactus has Stevie Wonder braids and even a few supporters in the crowd, but it's a bait-and-switch. He'd like to say he's back, but he hates this place. I take that as a shoot. Cactus is so bad on interviews at this point that it's amazing how far he came.


Akbar calls Saddam Hussein "The Fabulous Saddam Hussein".

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Take away the laughter and Mick wasn't all that bad here. I'd rather hear him talk than Young, who's just average on the stick at best, or Ak, who seems to have caught Slaughter's Disease, with the number one symptom being the need to make an idiot out of yourself praising a man whose country the U.S. will soon be at war with.


Taste issues aside, Ak would have done a hell of a lot more for Slaughter as a manager than Adnan ever did, and he was available if Vince had waited a few more weeks.


Odd that the Kamala face turn didn't make the set. I don't know which team's odder: Jeff Jarrett and Kamala or Kevin Von Erich and Moondog Spot.

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Craig Johnson says that Devastation’s most devastating tag team are re-united. Gary Young says that they’ve done it again, this time with the most productive partner he’s ever had, and anyone who was here last night saw Jeff Jarrett and Kamala get beat from one end of the Sportatorum to the other. It’s not over yet though and they don’t plan on waiting until Friday night, if Jeff Jarrett comes out here today they’re going to put him out of wrestling! Cactus doesn’t know what Gary is so angry about, because personally he’d like to say that it’s great to be back in the great state of Texas! He’d like to say that it’s great to see all these good people again! Yeah, he’d like to say all that stuff, but he can’t because he hates this place! He warns Jeff Jarrett and Kamala that Devastation has got a brand new hair style and Cactus Jack now has a whole new set of teeth! Skandor AKhbar says he always told everyone that he was one step ahead of all those Americans, just like the fabulous Saddam Hussein is ahead of all these people! Even with the acquisition of Kamala Jeff Jarrett couldn’t get the job done, but he understands that he’s long gone now anyway. Young then tells Jarrett to come down here today and he guarantees he’ll see him right in front of his face and he will put him out of wrestling, the way he should’ve been put out a couple of weeks ago.


I thought we were getting the first Cactus ‘cheap pop’ here! He sounds so much more comfortable in front of the mic here than he did in the NWA at the start of the year. Young is an underrated promo and I like the chemistry that he and Cactus have. Even Akhbar was palatable here, though that might more be down to his involvement being kept to a minimum and Gary Young doing most of the speaking.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-08-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Cactus Jack, Gary Young & Skandor Akbar

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