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[1990-09-21-EMLL] El Hijo del Santo & Ringo Mendoza & Lizmark vs Konnan & Perro Aguayo & Ken Timbs


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I pick up "Konnan no necesita compañeros" so apparently they're trying to push him as a loner/tweener. There are a lot of overlapping storylines going on here, with Konnan refusing to take part in any brawling/heeling, more of the Aguayo/Mendoza feud, and more of the Lizmark/Blondy feud getting the most air time. We also get more of the "What the fuck happened to him?" mat-wrestler Konnan in the beginning. The tecnicos take this in two straight, as well they should considering it was basically 3-on-2.

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Konnan is listed a tecnico on the screen graphic which confuses me from the previous match he was in when turned on his partners. He’s more game here but there are still times where he prefers to hang out on the apron then get too involved. Was this a two straight falls match or did I miss something?! So I see a common theme now with Konnan is a really bad tag partner.

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Like the last trios bout where Konnan turned, this was more angle than match. It almost gets to the point where you feel sorry for Perro and Timbs, as the tecnicos give them everything they've had coming for years and then some. They even blatantly doubleteam, mostly because they know that there's no one available who's going to do much about it. This is as close to a squash as I've seen yet in lucha.


I don't remember seeing Konnan in a lucha match from here on out, if what I remember of the match listings is correct. The only other time we see him is when he and Rey Misterio Sr. represent Mexico in the tag team tournament at Starrcade '90. Would anyone care to fill us in on how the whole "Konnan as tweener" storyline turned out?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-21-EMLL] El Hijo del Santo & Ringo Mendoza & Lizmark vs Konnan & Perro Aguayo & Ken Timbs

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