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[1990-12-24-UWF-TV] Captain Lou's Corner: Louie Spicolli


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Louie Spicolli is being billed as Cutie Pie. Lou Albano asks him why he doesn't use his real name. Spicolli's response? "You have rubber bands on your face." This whole segment is Spicolli going on about how cute he is. He's the human version of Nermal! This is really funny.

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This skirted the line between helping Spicolli get over and burying him. I really don't think Lou was comfortable here for whatever reason. This segment works best when he gets together with his old WWF friends and shoots the breeze for a few minutes. Serious interviews and segments involving people who actually need a push should be done by someone else.


I loved Spicolli's answer when Capper asked why they called him "Cutie Pie": "You have rubber bands all over your face and you're asking me why they call me Cutie Pie?" I don't think Lou enjoyed being topped like that by someone who wasn't on his level of stardom, which might explain the tone he took for the rest of the segment.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-12-24-UWF-TV] Captain Lou's Corner: Louie Spicolli

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