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[1991-07-08-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Hillbilly Jim in the studio


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Gorilla Monsoon has taken Vince's place on the Prime Time set. On the negative side, Vince's spectacular wardrobe is gone and this is probably a sign that the live audience ship is sinking. On the other hand, it's Bobby and Gorilla on Prime Time--the way it should be. Jim was long finished as a wrestler so who knows that this segment was supposed to get over. Hillbilly dedicates a song to Randy and Liz and for God's sake, Jim, tune your guitar before you start playing it.

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I could swear that we saw Linda McMahon in the audience at one point.


I thought the song was pretty good, actually. Was it Willie Nelson or George Jones? No, but for a wrestler who just had a guitar and his voice, it was fine. It wasn't going to get anything over as far as inducing people to buy tickets or pay-per-views, but neither was Paul Bearer supposedly embalming Lord Alfred Hayes. It was just a throwaway segment done for a few laughs and a tug at the heartstrings featuring someone Vince liked to have around, nothing more.


I'm wondering if Gino's replaced Vince in the same way Mean Gene did on TNT; in other words, the stink of death is on this format and Vince doesn't want to have anything to do with it anymore. No matter, because wrestling's best comedy duo is back and open for business on the show they made. I'd have loved to see Gino in a sweater just because, but that's a minor nitpick. No one knew just how to play off of Heenan better than Gino, and he has the advantage here because unlike the wrestlers, he can still show exasperation with Heenan's antics like he always has. The wrestlers can't really start anything with him because he won't be at ringside to get his comeuppance, so even longtime foes like Hogan just roll their eyes and ignore him. I loved him here, with his fingers in his ears and Gino (presumably) screaming at him the whole time, though you couldn't hear it over the music.


I'd have liked Hillbilly to reprise this song at the reception. Who knows, it may have stopped Lucifer from coming out and scaring Liz!

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