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[1991-07-13-WCW-Saturday Night] Danger Zone: Jim Herd and Lex Luger


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Paul E. replays the Jim Herd announcement and Luger says the names may change, but his drive has not. He is going to be the world champion. I'm disappointed that he never got his big win over Flair after three years of chasing the title. Luger puts Windham over as a deserving opponent, but says the Lex Luger era is starting in WCW.

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"What a bout--what a night! The Great American Bash!" I know WCW was in an incredibly tough spot here but Herd couldn't possibly have believed what he was telling us in that announcement.


Good promo from Luger who's in a similarly tough spot. One thing these two Yearbooks have made clear is that Luger absolutely had the goods to be a worthy World Champion--or, at minimum, he was as deserving of a run as Sting.

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Luger did the best he could, but as he said himself, his opponent could have been anybody for all it mattered; as long as it wasn't Flair, his moment of triumph wasn't going to feel as big as it should have. The logical choice would have been Bobby Eaton as TV champion, and that would have made Luger's turn a little more understandable since both of them would have been coming in as faces, but Bobby's turn and push were just a little too new.


Herd gets off a real lulu here, as he tells the fans that they should be proud to sanction (his exact word) the Luger/Windham bout. They sanctioned it, all right, in their own special way during the event.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-13-WCW-Saturday Night] Danger Zone: Jim Herd and Lex Luger

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