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[1991-07-27-WCW-Saturday Night] Control Center


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The Steiners have been stripped of the WCW tag titles. Gordon Solie got some flack from fans for predicting this, so Solie pulls up the bylaws to make his point. He is acting like a PWO poster in his insistence on being right. :)


A tournament is taking place for the vacant tag titles, with the Hardliners and Freebirds doing brief promos.

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Solie cites Rule 2, Article 1, Section 1. Fantastic. If there's one thing WCW could do at this point it was make the top-10 rankings and rulebook all sound really official. Babyface turn for the 'birds? They're getting challenged by the Enforcers for their U.S. titles and now they're facing the Hardliners in the World Tag Title tournament.

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A few years ago, a properly set up match between the Freebirds and a Murdoch/Slater team would have sold out any arena in the southern half of this country. As it stands now, it looks to be a fairly easy win for the Hardliners.


In the promos, Slater barely talks (and tried to talk over Murdoch when he does) and Jimmy Garvin isn't even there. Wonderful way to promote the first match of your big tournament, guys. They did it better when they were throwing stuff at the wall during the Attitude Era. The one nice touch is Murdoch wondering why he and Slater weren't simply given the belts for putting Scotty on the shelf.


Nice job by Gordon, JR and Paul getting over the reason for this tournament, especially JR noting that WCW's hands were tied by the rulebook. I wonder if some fans really did write WCW to tell them that Gordon and the Hardliners were wrong about the possible stripping of the belts from the Steiners.

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