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[1991-08-26-WWF-Summerslam] Summerslam introduction


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Cute segment with Savage fretting over his tux and putting his hat and sunglasses on Lord Alfred Hays. Savage is The Man. Savage threatens anyone who objects to the marriage. I think they wanted us to think something would happen, even after the PPV started.



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We get a Coliseum exclusive to open, as Savage is happy but nervous, and freaks out about Lord Alfred's crooked bow tie.


We get the requisite psycho Vince intro. I like the Survivor Series and Royal Rumble intros better with Vince screaming out the name of every participant. I wanted to see Vince sell us on Greg Valentine vs. IRS.

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No one could hype these WWF pay-per-views like Vince, not even Mean Gene. From what little I've heard of the announcers and voiceover people since Mr. McMahon debuted, they miss him (early 90s Vince) very, very badly. Count me among those who would have liked to have heard a full-card rundown.


Savage and Lord Alfred were cute together, and His Lordship knew how to play the good sport around the nervous groom, though he looked bizarre in the Macho Man glasses and hat.


I'm wondering if one of the reasons nothing happened during the ceremony was because actual family members and friends were there; I've heard from Jake on interviews that one of the reasons his feud with Randy didn't make it to Mania VIII was because Liz's family demanded that Randy get revenge for Liz sooner, and Randy went along to try to save his real-life marriage. I would have thought the Hulettes had a better understanding of how wrestling was booked, since Liz had worked for Angelo in ICW and dated at least one wrestler (Rip Rogers, I think) before she met Randy.

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