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[1991-09-28-WWF-Superstars] Tito Santana vignette


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This one is different. The connection between becoming a matador and attaining success in the WWF could make some sense if there were a Ross or someone who could really get the athletic requirements over, but it just comes off as spurious and lazy here. Santana's narration isn't helping matters.

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The worst part of the gimmick was that Tito didn't change his in-ring style at all that I can remember, which rendered the whole expensive exercise, vignettes and all, kind of pointless. According to Tito, Vince spent a sizable sum of money to actually send him for bullfighting lessons. Tito didn't say how good he got at bullfighting or even if he actually fought a bull (I'd tend to doubt it), but he at least supposedly learned their footwork and their attitude, among other things. As I just said, though, very little of this knowledge actually showed up in the ring that I could see. He might have been better off declining the push and living out the next couple of years as the nineties' answer to S.D. Jones.

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