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[1991-09-28-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Barry Windham


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More Omni hype. Jesus. And I can't seriously imagine that Windham would have been in line for the title except as a quickie transitional reign due to Flair leaving.

He wasn't. But even as late as doing the Horsemen DVD, he said he was "next in line", but that Flair leaving cost him his opportunity. It shows how much manipulation they did of Windham during that time to try to turn him against Flair.

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I just watched his 1991 Timeline and he repeats a few times that he was next in line had Flair not left. Sean kinda catches him off-guard by saying something like "Well why didn't they give it to you later in the year?"


The only thing I remember reading in WON was that when it was 100% clear Flair was gone they tried to get him to come in and drop the belt to Windham but it seemed like that was just as a way to get it to Luger at the Bash without doing the vacancy.

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Good solid promo from Barry here. I disagree with Soup; even though Simmons is the challenger for Havoc, Barry still seems to be very much in the title picture.


Is this upcoming Omni tag the one that Zenk was supposed to referee? If so, what happened? JR announces that Dusty's going to be the ref now, so I'm assuming that Zenk either left the company or returned to the active roster because Dusty decided that two feuds at one time was enough for Luger to deal with.


After all this hype, I hope real-time viewers on TBS at least saw clips of this match. They've been pretty good at showing the big happenings from these Omni cards since they started promoting them so heavily late last year.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-28-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Barry Windham

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