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[1991-09-30-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Hulk Hogan in the studio


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I thought Hogan was better here than usual. He's in character without being the yelling, screaming Neanderthal we've seen too often over these past two years, actually bantering a bit with Heenan instead of just threatening to splatter him. I got a kick out of the outfit, which he looks good in, and the clip they showed from the movie showed yet another glimpse of what Hogan could have accomplished in Hollywood if he'd been more careful about picking his scripts.


As for Heenan, he doesn't say much that he hasn't before. I just wish they'd allowed Hogan to counter Heenan's bit about defending the belt every night with something like, "Yeah. and he has friends to get him disqualified and help him keep it!" We can dream, can't we? Anyway, Bobby comes off as a braggart and a blowhard who, as usual, is letting his mouth write checks that his protege du jour may not be able to cash, Real World Champion or not.


Mooney does decently hosting this, but I wish Vince or Gino would have thought enough of stuff like this to come back. I also wish we had the earlier segment from the same night with Hogan talking more extensively about Flair.

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