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[1991-10-12-WWF-Superstars] Tito Santana vignette


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Tito gets a hero's welcome back home in Tocula. El Matador is Spanish for "The Killer," which always undermined this gimmick for me (aside from the fact that it's culled from a Lame Wrestling Stereotypes 101 textbook). The guys who fool around with (and yes, kill) bulls are toreros. This is the best of these vignettes but I can't fathom how this was really supposed to go anywhere.

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Why are the people celebrating when Tito hasn't faced the bull in the ring yet? Isn't that the point of all this?


For a last-ditch effort to repackage a guy who probably should have gone to Atlanta at least two years before, this isn't bad. But it turned out to be like Coach: an intriguing idea when first conceived that turned to dust when it was executed. True, Tito isn't the world's greatest wrestling actor, but I doubt anyone could have succeeded with this gimmick the way it was done unless the fans had never ever seen him before. I'm talking a Mexican version of Outback Jack or Hillbilly Jim. This wasn't nearly as insulting as repackaging the Iron Sheik as an Iraqi, which was worse in its own way than turncoat Slaughter given the fact that Iraq and Iran had just fought a war for nine years, but it still wasn't something Vince needed to be doing.

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