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[1991-10-12-WCW-Saturday Night] Paul E. Dangerously and Missy Hyatt


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Well, that was pointless. Why would the Chamber of Horrors be built in Los Angeles when the pay-per-view where it's being used is in Tennessee? Why are Heyman and Missy acting like anything but blood enemies? (I guess Rick Steiner got Missy's revenge for her at the Bash, but Paul's still been taking shots at her until recently.) When did Missy move to Los Angeles anyway? Answer any one of those questions for me and you get a million dollars in tax-free Monopoly money.


I guess the whole point was to see Paul in the mask scaring Missy back to her natural hair color, but we never even saw that. Here's an idea, Dusty: If you want to get the Chamber of Horrors over, how about telling us the rules of the match? How about telling us who's going to be in the match? Quite frankly, I'm not sure he knew the answers to either of those questions until just before Havoc. And he was the booker!


Unbelievable, but typical WCW.

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