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[1991-10-13-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Roddy Piper


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I wonder if Flair fed all of these Phyllis Diller/Liberace lines to Piper, having been left over from the Terry Funk feud. Roddy warns Flair that it's a hell of a lot easier to jump on Piper than it is to jump off. Piper seems pretty excited to be working with his old buddy again.

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The problem with this was that Piper had to spend almost the whole interview recapping the incident from Superstars. By the time he could get rolling with his own comments, the segment was over. Don't get me wrong; his recap was tremendous, especially when he referred to Vince as his buddy (which was far from true outside the ring, of course). Maybe they could have shown the Superstars confrontation in full prior to the interview so Piper could spend his time running Flair and Heenan down, which is most likely what everyone really wanted to see.


Beefcake had nothing to say after his intro, which, sad to say, is probably the say it should be. The truth is, Mean Gene could have handled this interview as well as he did. Think about it: when were segments like Piper's Pit and The Body Shop ever preempted for an interview conducted by someone else? Sure, a few key Pits were replayed on the B-show in place of whatever segment was being done at the time, but those segments (Body Shop, Snake Pit, etc.) were never replaced by a regular interview from Okerlund or Monsoon. That just goes to show how weak Vince thought The Funeral Parlor and The Barber Shop were in terms of advancing angles, which was the primary reason for the existence of interview shows in the first place. If Vince for whatever reason didn't want to bring Piper's Pit back, why not The Snake Pit? Could you imagine sick heel Jake with a weekly interview segment which he could have used to taunt Savage and the other faces? It would have been gold if it was done right.


Line of the segment goes to Heenan when Piper mentions his six (real-life) kids: "One of each!"

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