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[1991-10-19-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Billy Joe Travis


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Total, utter trash. Travis comes off as a whiny spoiled brat here, and whatever the King did to his car windows is richly deserved and probably should be done again.


In a previous thread, Pete said that Lawler was coming close to burying Travis on the mic, like he did his babyface opponents in '90. Well, Travis and guys like King Cobra and Mike Awesome have one thing in common; they can't come close to Lawler on the stick, and if they get into a verbal battle with a master like him, they're going to look stupid whether for intends for it to happen or not. But Travis looked especially bad here, and that's his own fault. I thought for a moment that he was going to break down and cry on Michael's shoulder. Why Lawler is even wasting his time and effort on this joker I have no idea. I'd almost rather he was feuding with the likes of the Dragon Master or Leatherface again. I don't look forward to watching the angle that started this feud, that's for sure.

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