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[1991-11-03-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Sgt. Slaughter vignette


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Maybe if Sarge wants his country back he should consider seeing a therapist, getting some self-help books, and reaching out to his old military cohorts instead of walking around reciting tour guide spiels. I can't believe there was actually some promise in this angle at one point.

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Whoever thought that this kind of vignette was enough to turn Sarge without any other type of action on his part that we know about ought to have been fired. If it was Vince himself......well, it's not typical of him, that's all I can say. I can't believe they're not pushing a feud with Sarge and Sheik/Adnan, even though the matches are virtually guaranteed to be horrible by this point. At least have Duggan, your resident non-Hogan superpatriot, give him a thumbs-up and a "HOOOOOOOOO!" if nothing else.


As I just said, this kind of sloppy execution isn't like Vince at all, and it shows you just how big of a priority Sarge really was at this time, which is to say none. He'd have been better off doing his turn for WCW.

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