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[1991-11-24-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: The Undertaker & Paul Bearer


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I still don't think much of Percy as an interview, mostly due to that lousy falsetto, but Taker himself is one scary dude from top to bottom. The more I see of him, the less sure I am that he even needed a manager at all; he could get his message across quite well with the few words he spoke.


Beefcake didn't back up an inch from Taker, which is fine for a wrestler but not for an interview host with steel plates in his face. He really needs to learn a lesson or two in selective cowardice from Mean Gene.


It's interesting that The Funeral Parlor was bumped for a standard Mean Gene interview with Hogan, while The Barber Shop was allowed to go on. I think Okerlund would have been a better choice to conduct this interview, as Pete suggested above. That said, I again ask why we have personality-based interview segments at all if Mean Gene has to be brought in to handle the money interviews. (I'm pretty sure the Parlor was bumped because Hogan had just been a guest there the previous week, but my larger point still stands.)


Does anybody know why Heenan left the booth at the end of the segment? I just looked up this show on Graham's site, and Flair wasn't on it, so what else could Bobby have been involved with?

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