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Phase #1, Match #1


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On American Classics #8, there is a Fantastics v Eaton/Condrey match from St. Louis. No idea on the date, promotion, etc. And it cuts out after 9 minutes. But it is ALL of the Fantastics great spots and the MX stooging so well including lots of hugging each other. At one point Condrey picks Rogers up to set up a backbreaker but Rogers countered by almost doing a Rey Jr. like tilt-a-whirl headscissors except once he grabbed Condrey's head with his legs, he did a more traditional headscissors takedown. All of the WCCW matches tend to run together for me but this opening is as good as any of their WCCW and better than the Mid South openings.


Just as I was starting to really get into the RnR again, Rogers and Fulton pull out this.



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The Bulldogs only had one good team to wrestle, which was the Hart Foundation. The rest of the good teams, before the Dynamite injury, were all babyfaces like the Rougeaus and the Killer Bees.

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