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[1997-08-02-ECW-TV] Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman & Rick Rude vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lawler (Cage)


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Continuing where we left off, Rude locks the cage as Beulah is escorted out. Terry Funk is out to confront Rude, but the Triple Threat attack him from behind. They end up brawling out of sight as the crowd chants for Taz. Wrestlers try to climb the cage and can't, and this is an awfully transparent attempt to recreate old Omni angles. They go after Tommy's balls again while he's handcuffed to the cage. Taz finally enters the cage and only Lawler is left behind. He ends up locking Lawler in the Tazmission and the Triple Threat finally come in to break this up. They do everything they can to get Taz off of Lawler but he won't release the hold. They finally do, and then all of the heels attack Taz. Total chaos, but this goes on too long.

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Longer than even the longest MSC or Sportatorium beatdowns, it seems. First Dreamer and Sandman, then Funk, then Taz. There are some good moments here, like Lawler finally getting some payback, and Taz getting beer poured on him and Candido locking on the kata hajime, but they're more spread out than they really should be.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-08-02-ECW-TV] Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman & Rick Rude vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lawler (Cage)

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