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[1997-08-08-ECW-Warwick, PA] Terry Funk vs Sabu


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Agreed with Dylan that this is much better than the Douglas match. They gave a big show effort on this small, untaped show. They have some matches in 1993-1994 I like better, but this was a good brawl with Funk selling beautifully for Sabu's crazy high flying offense and chairshots. I don't think it's a controversial point to call Funk Sabu's best opponent.


RVD attacks Funk after the match while "Desperado" plays, which is a funny visual seeing this massacre to this ballad. The ring fills with trash, which is absolutely the in thing to do in 1997 if you're a wrestling fan.

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Yep, these guys aren't taking a night off for a non TV matches taking big bumps and chairshots to the head. Funk wins with a powerbomb!! Not the crowd atmosphere as the Douglas match. Post match has Sabu getting hit in the head by an object from the crowd. RVD/Sabu were setting up a table but security got Sabu and RVD to get the hell out of there.

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Alfonso's whistle is so annoying. I was really struck in this match how good Sabu was at some little things in wrestling. I went to the ROH show on Saturday and was fairly disappointed in most of the matches and was also really struck by how no one threw many punches or any other strikes that looked stiff. Everything seemed to be light and incoherent. Here Sabu and Funk go out into a comparable sized crowd and have a great brawl featuring excellent punches, Sabu hitting all of his spots where it looks like he is trying to inflict damage, not pop the crowd, and the crowd decidedly behind Funk. The chaos at the end was a crazy scene with chairs flying around the ring from the crowd and whole drinks being pelted at RVD and Sabu. There was only one moment where Sabu took some chair punishment and then hopped back on offense really quickly that bothered me. Everything else was really fun and as a patron at this show, you couldn't have expected anything else.

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Good in a house show sense but I wasn't overly wowed by this, though I agree that it beats the Douglas match and that Sabu throws nice punches. Bill Alfonso's verbal banter was entertaining--that damned whistle wasn't. Scary post-match scene as Sabu and RVD seemingly have to cut their post-match beatdown short and they wisely bail to avoid the crap being thrown at the ring.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-08-08-ECW-Warwick, PA] Terry Funk vs Sabu

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