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[1997-08-23-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher and Billy Joe Travis


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The show starts with a completely empty studio. A camera guys cuts in front and says to cut outside. The police are outside and so are all the fans. A brawl happened between Brian Christopher and Billy Joe Travis.


Michael St. John scrambles to get the fans in the studio after a commercial break and they show footage of what caused all this, which was Travis and Christopher in a great brawl.


If WWE could pull this off on a live RAW in a major arena, it would probably be the most remembered angle in the show's history.

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This was a wild scene that was brilliantly well done by Memphis standards. The empty arena gives a jolt to the audience member at first and I liked how they played back the details of the scene with more information being added like a true news story. I always wonder what the cars driving by the studio thought when they saw stuff like this.

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Crazy angle that could pretty much only be done in a studio--in fact I'm a little surprised that it took all the way until the dying days of the company to try something like this. As good as Christopher and Travis are here, imagine if this were Lawler and Dundee in '86 or Lawler and Gilbert in '88, much less the First Family jumping Jerry in '82. Still, this does feel like a heavily Monday Night Wars-influenced, "break the show's format if you have to to get a program over" booking move.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-08-23-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher and Billy Joe Travis

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